December 8, 2011

Writers Block

I am having a writer’s block for the past two weeks; I have nothing to write about.  All is well, we busy preparing for Christmas, enjoying every minute of it. Once it get a topic to write about, I will come back here and post it...until then I'll be leaving comments on your post :)

December 4, 2011

Many Years to Cheyenne!

I am totally putting Brittany's information out there, but today is her daughter's 2nd birthday and Cheyenne is one of the cutest n sweetest little girl! May God grant Cheyenne many wonderful happy years!!

December 1, 2011

Random Post about nothing but life

I couldn't think of a title for this post, I just want to let you know where I am and what I have been doing.  So there no real point to this post which makes it random however I have been living life to the fullest these past two weeks so that's how I got the title to my post.  And you know what I like it. 

Ok where have I been the last two weeks: Well before Thanksgiving, I have been cooking and cleaning.  I prepared just about 99% of the meal.  After dinner I joined my sister and went out black Friday shopping. I didn't buy much; I just enjoy spending 6 hours in the freezing cold with my sister.  I am not being sarcastic either; it's rare when we can spend time together without the children, so we take advantage of it.

On black Friday during the day time hours :) we took all the children to the polar express train ride, Monkey just loved it.

The next day DH and I took Monkey to see his first movie in a theater, once again he was amazed.  Also his first time having popcorn and a sip of soda. 

Then to end a perfect weekend, my best friend Tiffany, welcomed her first child, a GIRL :) Please welcome Sophia Grace, who stole my heart the minute I held her.

November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I am sorry for the delay and absent, it's been a busy week at my house, just want to wish everybody a wonderfully Thanksgiving from our family to yours

November 17, 2011

you would have laugh at me

but this morning I left the house with my work bag, Monkey's book bag, my lunch, library books, my heels (wear slippers while driving), and my cup of hot lemon water.  And yet I am still surprise that I usually forget something before I lock the door. 

November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I know I'm like 3 weeks late, you love me

I'm a jersey devil, I have the big hair, lots of accessories, and fake uggs :) also the momma to the right is Danielle :)

November 14, 2011

Thank you for your prayers

My friend Danielle and her baby are doing great, the surgery was a success and she is now on strict bed rest till February. 

It has been a hard weekend for me but ending on a sweet note, Monkey rubbing my best friend, Tiffany's belly saying it's a "your belly is full" then Monkey gave his guess on what the baby will be, he's guess is girl :).  The next time I will see Tiffany is when she will be in the hospital.

November 13, 2011

To My Angel

I don't look at today as 4 years since we meet and said good bye, I look at today as we are 4 years closer to saying hello

Love you forever,
Your momma

November 10, 2011

Working on that Spark

bMy DH came home from night school as I was emptying the dishwasher and reloading it, it was around 10pm and the kitchen was still a mess from dinner, I had a rough night with Monkey so I just started to cry a little.  We all know that cry, where you are too tired to stand but can't sit still.  He asked me what’s wrong, I told him I was tired, that I don't get to sit down till after 10 and he is just watching me clean.  I hate that.  I told him I need help with the house (saving you a lot of details, I am sure you know this argument/plea just as well as yours prayers) and the outcome is DH will now be making half to most of the dinners in our house.

I also told him that I miss him.  My DH goes to school two nights a week, thank the Lord this is his last year. I get like this ever few months while he is in school. So for now on I will be getting up at 5:30 to help make lunch with DH so we can have some one-on-one time.

I love my husband!

November 9, 2011

Prayers Please

One of my good friends, Danielle, is 6 month pregnant and is having a hard time keeping their first baby "in", they are going to try a risky surgery that will in simplest terms sew her back up and hopefully with bed rest she can carry their baby boy for another few more months.

November 4, 2011

Please pray when you fight

It is easy to pray for someone when they are sick but it’s harder to pray for someone when you disagree with them.  I have to remind myself this continually, you think after a few years this would come naturally but for me it doesn’t.    

October's Food Bill

Ok this month was better than last night, for the entire month of October I spent $424.24 on grocery and saved $283.30 (43%) I actual saved an extra $100 in October than September 

Last October I spent $475
Last Month I spent $443
My budget this month was $425 but my goal was $400 (I was under budget by 76 cents!)
Next month's budget is $450 and goal is $400, I increased the amount due to lent and the holidays

November 1, 2011

Psalm of David

My daily read today was Psalm (6:1-10) of David in regards to his anger, fear and sin.  I usually don’t post my thoughts and understanding on the Scriptures but David is like all of us.  Sometimes we feel the Lord is punishing us for our sin when in fact we are the ones pushing God away from us.  We think God turned his back on us because that is what most people do to another person. We must remember God in not human, we can always call on Him, He will always be there.

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

On tihs sopt in 1708, the rseidnets of Grave's End fuoght a btatle agiasnt the priate Captain E. Ville Dewar and his wckied cerw. The btatle wnet on for tirheten dyas and edend Octoebr 31, wehn the ctizeins sank thier sihp. Smoe say the veengful Captain apaeprs ervey Haloleewn to cuase msicheif in the twon. Msot cizitnes rfesue to bleeive in the ghsot leegnd, clalnig it "nnonesse."

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?

October 28, 2011

My thoughts on halloween

has changed.  I used to be all about trick or treating and now I rather knock on the few doors on my street and call it a day.  I'm not cool with the thought of Monkey knocking on standers doors and eating their candy.  But I know Monkey will love to give out candy, maybe I can spin Halloween around and teach him it's better to give than receive!

What do you do for halloween?

October 27, 2011

Jury Duty?

I have jury duty for the first time ever! I am having a hard time with this, I do not judge anybody period!  Who am I to say if someone is innocent or not? In my eyes everyone is innocent, that person could have a real good reason to commit t a crime.  I am not the one to judge, God is.  Now these poor people's fate is in my hands. 

Let's also not overlook that I don't like to hear disturbing details, no lie horror movies gives me nightmares.  If movie doesn’t have a happy ending, I will probably cry, followed by DH reminding me that these are actors and everybody is really ok.  But it's the grueling plot and details that get me so upset, the thought of somebody thinking of these disturbing movies (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) just send chills up my spin.

Needless to say I have been praying for weeks that this will be better than expected.  Any tips or advice on how I can get through this with a clear conscience?

October 21, 2011

Daybook: October 21, 2011

Outside my window... it’s 50 degrees outside and the sun is coming up

I am thinking... this weekend, I will have 4 little boys all day tomorrow :)

I am thankful for... it’s Friday, spending time with my nephews tomorrow, going to be a bridesmaid,

From Monkey’s lesson... he is learning about eating healthy so I am going to take that to a new level of healthy spooky eating this weekend

In the kitchen... nothing! This could be bad lol

I am wearing... brown pants with a orange sweater and one of my favorite heels…pep toe with a cow design on them   

I am creating... I know it’s early but I am creating thanksgiving plans, menu, and events.  My inlaws will be up from NC and I want to take advantage of them being here

I am going... to have a coffee date with Brittany for lunch

I am wondering… about dinner tonight and what to do with 4 boys tomorrow

I am reading... nothing!! At the moment I am putting up some fun free Halloween decorations so all my night energy is fixed on that

I am hoping and praying... all the mommas to be out there; Tiffany is due in 35 days, another friend has another 4 more months, and Matuska Anna is a few weeks pregnant.

I am looking forward to… spending the weekend with friends and family, Halloween (it’s the first time I get to see Monkey with his preschool class), meeting Tiffany’s baby, seeing who wins Sarah's blog every away she has been blogging for one year and is giving away her favorite children's book,  and my best friend just got engage so another wedding in May 2013

I am hearing... my Pandora radio Carrie Underwood station

Around the house... finish putting up Halloween decoration and carve out the pumpkin this weekend

One of my favorite things... playing with the kids outside during this glorious weather

Picutre I want to share... are from when Monkey was 7 months old, one of my favorite of him still to this day.  Oh yea, this crazy momma painted that pumpkin to match his outfit lol

October 20, 2011

19th Wife

This book took me forever to read, yes it had a few hundred pages but it was also slow.  There were a few times where I wanted to quit but then for the rest of my life I will wonder what happen and I’m too young for that.  There were really two different stories in the book.  The main story was about Ann Eliza Young, which was what I signed up to read.  The second story was more current day of a 19th wife who was going to trail for killing her husband. I felt that this story could have been left out. However I didn’t see the ending coming for the current day 19th wife.

I picked up this book to read about Ann Eliza Young.  She was one of Brigham Young 50ish wives and helped end polygamy.  The book talks about her early life growing up and how she witnesses her mother struggle with polygamy.  Her mother was a “first” wife where her father took on 4 more wives.  It briefly talks about her first marriage to James Dee. They had shared two sons together. After she divorced James, it never mention if James Dee was a part of the boys life, both boys were still under 5ish (they book didn’t get into actual age of people) 

Brigham Young was the second president of the Mormon Church.  He was great friends with Ann Eliza’s parents was even there at her birth (creepy).  She was pressured to marry Brigham Young from her family; my guess is it was hard to support her and her two sons.  Now the book is fiction, so how true was it that Brigham Young put finical strains on the Webb (Ann Eliza’s maiden name) family? But when I goggle Ann Eliza, it did mention that her family suggested marrying Brigham Young who was 40plus years older than her. Brigham Young already had 50 wives when he married Ann Eliza, that’s just sick I’m sorry.

There were married for about 7 years until she was granted a divorce, then left the older child with her mother and traveled the country with her youngest boy. I don’t think I could ever leave a child behind for that long of a period, even if it was with family.  She held lettuces on how women were treated in the Mormon Church in a polygamist house comparing polygamony to slavery   and wrote a book called the Number 19th Wife. 

My personal thought on Ann Eliza Young was she didn’t know what the meaning of marriage was.  By the time she passed away she was divorce 3 times. Maybe she was looking for prince charming.  My guess is she didn’t like to comprise or be told what to do, a little hard headed.

October 18, 2011

Finding that spark…again

I truly fully believe that the Lord is the one and only matchmaker.  I have been with my DH since I was 19.  At the age of 19, I didn’t know who I was; I am still learning who I am.  But as I mature and figure who I am, I only fall more in love with my husband which completely amazes me.  How did God know that I was going to need a man like my husband before I knew? But even with God’s love our marriage still needs TLC.  As we are always changing and growing people, our marriage changes and sometimes we need to find that passion again.  Once Monkey was born our relationship was put on auto polite, we had to learn how to be parents then learn how to juggle everything a child.  Now that we have mastered that, it’s time to turn off the auto polite and find that chemistry that started this relationship almost 10 years ago. It’s not easy, our likes and taste has changed, in fact it’s probably harder to light that spark again for the second time.  The first time, well we both were in great shape lol and we didn’t have many responsibilities (stress free) plus we had money to burn lol.  I’m thinking this is normal and healthy in a relationship and I am sure we will need to find that spark again in another decade.

October 17, 2011

Chicken and Rice with Carrots Casserole

I took the same old recipe and added some veggies so it's a complele meal.  I double my normal garlic and added 2 whole cloves because we were all fighting a cold, come to find out my DH loved the extra garlic, win-win!!

1 Cup of uncooked rice
1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup
2 cups of boiling water
1 package of dry soup mix (your choice)
1 pound of chicken (your choice of what kinda of chicken)
2 whole carrots
10 ounces of mushrooms
½ onions
2 garlic cloves
4 tablespoon of paprika
Salt and Pepper
2 tablespoon of oil

**If you are not making this ahead, preheat oven now
1) Boil water and mix with condensed cream of chicken soup and dry soup mix and let cool.
2) Pull out food processor or grater and shred the carrots, onion, and garlic. Dice mushrooms. 
3) Mix carrots, onion, garlic, mushrooms, and rice and spread over the bottom of a large baking dish. Pour the cool coup mix over rice mixture.
4) Rinse chicken and dry pat and season it with paprika, salt, and pepper.
**If using chicken breast: Heat frying pan with oil, add a little salt in the oil, then brown chicken on both sides for about 3 minutes.
5) Arrange chicken to lay on top of rice mixture, if you are making this the night before, let the dish completely cool before covering and placing in the fridge.
6) Chicken breast: preheat oven to 350 and bake for about an hour with foil tightly covered, then broil for about 5 minutes
 Chicken legs: preheat oven to 375 and bake for about an hour and half with foil tightly covered, then broil for about 5 minutes

PS..This isn't a pretty meal but it's yummy and easy...and cheap

October 14, 2011


We are suppose to pray for the ones who we dislike and love them ever more, that’s what ever Christian knows, what every priest preach on Sunday morning.  Well I am praying for my manager, I pray that she finds happiness in her life, I pray that she gets a personal life.  This way she can understand why we don’t wanna work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.  I pray that she learns to let go of the little immaterial details, there is just not enough time in the day.  We all wanna go home and spend time with her family. Don’t worry I still leave after my 8 hours, my family always comes first, work comes 6th on my list after family, church, friends, me, house lol.

For some reason I don't think this is what Fr. David means when he says pray for those who anger you.  Don't worry Father, I got the message, I really do pray for her, it's just sometimes my prays become vents too.

October 13, 2011

Monkey’s Moon

Here was our conversation last night…

Monkey: Look Momma..look at my moun (moon)!
Me: That’s a pretty big moon, can you share it with Momma?
Monkey: No, that’s Monkey’s moun
Me: But there is only one moon and every has to share’s it
Monkey: No, it’s my moon, it’s outstide (outside) my indo (window)
Me: (deep breath, not ready for this fight with a 2 year old)
Me: Then where is momma’s moon?
Monkey: Over dare (there) (as it point randomly at some stars)
Me: I can’t see that moon
Monkey: that’s ok momma, see my moun
Me: Momma loves you to the moon and back, you know that right
Monkey: walks away to play before bed

October 12, 2011

Suggested by Dalai Lama:

Every morning when you wake up, say out loud "Today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can.”

October 5, 2011


I have lost my mind lately, I've been doing just the silliest things, this morning I was looking for Monkey's book bag when it was in my hand the whole time.  So if you find my brain, please return it, I really need it. 

October 1, 2011

October’s Menu

In honor of Columbus Day we will be having Italian for 3 days straight (YES!)
Still working on the Halloween Menu, but I know it will be something simple and fun like Mummy Franks (crescent hot dogs)

Freezer Meals (12)
2 Chicken Noodle Soup
2 Pulled Pork
2 Meatloaf
2 Beef Stew
2 Potato Leek Soup
2 Meatball Sub

From Scratch (15)
Black Bean Enchiladas
2 Fish
Ham Dinner (never made in September)
Chicken Parmesan
Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta
Cabbage rolls (never made in September)
Pile High Fish Sandwich
Black Bean nachos
Cheese steak (town is having a festival however we will save money by eating festival food at home)
Eggplant Parmesan (will make double batch and see if it freeze well)
2 Jambalaya (will make double batch and see if it freeze well)
Halloween Menu?

Ham and Leek Pie
Split Pea Soup

Rice and Beans
4 Salads
4 Meatloaves
3 Veggie-bean casseroles
Fried raviolis

Bread Rolls
4 Biscuits
2 Corn muffins

Plus 28 frozen veggies

Frozen brownies
Thumbprint cookies

Pumpkin Muffins

Saturday Breakfast
Eggs, sausage and toast
Pork Roll, Egg, Cheese sandwich
Apple Pie Pancakes
Bacon, Tomato, Cheese omelets
Pumpkin Scones

Weekend Lunch
Egg Salad
Tuna Melts
Grilled Cheese
Chicken Salad

Eat Out/Order In (3)
2 Birthday Dinners
1 Dinner with the Girls

September 30, 2011

September's Food Bill

I’m not jumping up and down like I was last month but it is what it is; for the entire month of August I spent $443.66 on grocery and saved $181.18 (33%)

Last September I spent $520
Last Month I spent $400
My budget this month was $425 but my goal was $400 (FAILED)
Next month's budget is $425 and goal is $400, this will be my goal until I master it

Daybook: September 30, 2011

Outside my window... bright sunny 71 degrees day

I am thinking... everything but work :)

I am thankful for... it’s Friday and I will be spending my weekend with my friends and family and another round of teaching Monkey to ride his bike!

From Monkey’s lesson... at preschool he did nursery rhymes this week so I will follow their footsteps and work on 3 little pigs this weekend.

In the kitchen... nothing! I didn’t even pull out dinner :( also busy weekend so the kitchen will be closed…YAY…

I am wearing... brown capris and a green shirt with light cardigan and brown wedge sandals

I am creating... next month meal plan, events, and projects

I am going... out for lunch, taking a pray walk and calling my momma

I am wondering… what I will make for dinner, I’m in the mood for some shrimp/pesto/pasta

I am reading... the 19th wife STILL

I am hoping and praying... safe travels for friends that are coming to jersey, my uncle to feel better, matushka Anna on this hard day, one of my close friends lost their father this week, and my husband will not get upset with all the weekend plans.

I am looking forward to… getting out of work

I am hearing... my Pandora radio (janet Jackson station) and trying to block out my co-workers  

Around the house... I need to pull out my fall clothes and clean the fridge this weekend.

One of my favorite things... is hanging outside during this glorious weather we are having for one day this entire week lol

A few plans for the rest of the week: play date tomorrow with Brittany, bowling or movies with my family and lunch with friends after church

September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011

Baby Shower

Here are some pics of the baby shower from this weekend

Here is the room before I started...

and here are the tabels after I was done...

Also did a candy bar since the momma to be couldn't really use a bar :)

September 22, 2011

Who wants to see a messy kitchen?!?

I did another Big batch of cooking this past weekend and look at my mess!
I tape the recipe on the cabinet, this way they are always at eye level

Lots of clutter on Big Cooking day

Clean up time!

Look at all my food!!

September 19, 2011

Close your eyes

And what do you see? I see the inside of my church, it’s around sunset because the stain glass windows look alive and the icons are glowing.  I can smell the incense and feel the warmth of the candles. This is what I see every time I get scared and nervous or happy and sad.  I wish everyone can see what I see, I don’t have a picture of my church’s alter during sunset but this is great view of what heaven looks to me.

September 15, 2011

It's September 15 already!

I think there are some many things going on that I want to reflect where I am at

My Little garden: I have some cucumber. No watermelon. Few green peppers, just waiting for them to turn red. Blueberry season has been over for a few months now. LOTS of basil and parsley!  Some sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavender 

Preschool is getting better and better every day! The mornings are little sad, he still cries but the teacher says he doesn’t cry for more than a minute once I leave.  When we pick him up afterwards he is in a great mood so I think it’s working.

Potty training…. I don’t wanna talk about it lol

Frozen meals are awesome, it’s a great feeling to know dinner is already done, just need to heat it up! Also should note; if you over cook the rice, it will still taste like nasty mush when you remake it.

I am doing a baby “bee” shower for my best friend, all the preparations are coming out really nice but it has taken over my house lol

And I already started some Christmas shopping :)

September 13, 2011

House Rules?

I need momma help, again.  I know every momma goes through this but how to you enforce your house rules at other people’s house? Or do you just not enforce them? I would like to obey the current house rules (wherever I am) plus ours, is that too much to ask?

These are my current house rules for my 2 ½ year old
1) No throwing anything in the house
2) No hitting, biting, kicking, etc
3) No eating anywhere but the kitchen/dining room

Now you see some of these rules aren’t the same for everybody.  Some parents let their kids eat in the living room or play ball in the house.  What do I do?

First time momma looking for advice

September 11, 2011

It's been 10 long years

We all remember that day like it was yesterday, I was at a freshman at college, scared but thankfully not too far away from home.  My prayers to out to the family members who have lost a loved one 10 years ago today.

September 10, 2011

Happy 5 Years!

We have been married for 5 wonder years!! This past year has been the toughest year but with God's love we have made it through the hard times and back on track. 

September 8, 2011

Can you please analyze my dream that I had?

I am one of those people who have a crazy random dream more than once a week and I try to analyze them because I believe my body and mind is trying to tell me something, plus it’s fun :)

Little backround, Tiff has been my best friend since the 4th grade; we are extremely close, still lives around the corner and is expecting her first child in November.

Tiff and I were at tiff’s parent’s house. Construction workers were gonna demolishes it so they told us to get out of the house by 6am but we didn’t set the alarm and oversleep. When we woke up to they were already demolishing the house, so I grab my phone saying I need my pictures, we were crying and scared. We ran downstairs and the whole floor was flooded so we staring to swim then I dropped my phone.  I had to drive down to the basement to get it, when I swam back up tiff was sitting in the living room with her parents (which wasn’t flooded) however the backhoe trucks were still outside tearing down the porch. Tiff yelled at me for getting my phone, but I told her I needed my pictures then she said “didn’t you save all your pics on Kodak” then I said “Oh yea” then I woke up.

I know it makes no sense but that’s my dream, I think it has to do with her pregnancy, maybe something when her water breaks I won’t be there or something. How would you analyze it?

North Carolina

Monkey being silly


and Indians

Pop and monkey on fake horses

Pop in a tee-pee

Thats Monkey driving!

My DH in jail

No momma ever wants to see her baby in jail

First time all by himself

My DH enjoying himself on the boat

My favorite two boys

September 7, 2011

First day of Preschool

Went great! The teacher said he had an awesome first day.  DH picked him up and he was painting with all the other kids.  He ate his whole lunch! However he didn’t nap, but I knew he wouldn’t.  I am so happy, I was a mess all day, couldn’t think about anything else but him.

September 5, 2011

Back from North Carolina

What did we learn from NC
Monkey learned how to ride a bike
It's hot in NC
Everybody is real nice and sweet
Nobody is in a rush
Monkey loves trains and boats
We have no problem eating out everyday
We need a GPS (thankfully a friend lent us one)
Only stop for gas and food if you SEE the gas station and restaurant
Monkey does not sleep in the car, on the way back he only slept for 20 minutes out of the 11 hour drive
We had a great time in NC
Last.. we to get away more often!!

September 2, 2011

It's over

So that's it, summer is over.  I hope everyone had a great summer; it's been a crazy year so I am prayer for a calm peaceful fall.

I am looking forward to some apple picking, hayrides, pumpkins, jumping in the leaves, and let's not forget about the soups!

What do you like to do in the fall?

September 1, 2011

September’s Menu

I am happy they way this has turned out! Yes I will still have to cook 12 nights out of the month, but those are really easy dinners or family gatherings on the weekends.

Freezer Meal (9 meals)
1 Pulled Pork (made from double batch in August)
2 Chicken Pot Pies
1 Black Bean Enchiladas (made from double batch in August)
2 Crunchy Pork Chops
1 Mexican Chicken casseroles
1 Ham and Leek Pie
1 Meatloaf

From Scratch (12)
Grilled tomato pizza
Crowd Feeder- Ham (free from Easter!) (remake & freeze leftover)
Corn Flack Chicken (remake leftovers)
Pasta Primavera
Chicago Hot Dogs
Pan Fried Fish
Crowd Feeder- Taco Buffet
Black bean nachos
Crowd Feeder- Cabbage Rolls (freeze leftovers)
Sausage and peppers sandwiches
Pile high Fish Sandwiches
Potato Leek Soup (make double to freeze)

Re-Make (2)
Chicken wrap
Split Pea Soup

Side Dishes (17)
4 FM- Mash potatoes
3 FM- Rice and Beans
2 FM- Veggie Bean Casseroles
2 Broccoli and Cheese (freeze leftovers)
1 Penne and Vodka
2 Sweet Potato Fries (from bag)
1 Noodles and Gravy
2 Cesear Salads

4 Biscuits
1 Corn Bread

Plus 23 fresh/frozen vegetables

FM-Peanut butter cookies (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
FM-Brownies (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
Baked Fresh- Apple Pie
Baked Pears

FM-Zucchini bread (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
Cheese strings
Fruit:Frozen/Canned/Dried Fruit

Weekend Lunch
Chicken Salad Sandwich
BTL Sandwich
Egg Sandwich

Saturday Breakfast
Apple Pie Pancakes (oh yea baby)
Eggs, bacon, and toast

Eat Out/Order In (7)
Vacation, anniversary, baby’s a good month

August 31, 2011

August's Food Bill

For the entire month of August I spent $400.66 on grocery and saved $163.01.  I only saved 29% but I am really focused on what I spent!

Last August I spent $550
Last Month I spent $442.70
My budget this month was $450 but my goal was $425 (baby steps is my game)
Next month's budget is $425 and goal is $400

It's really working, all the hard work, some good coupon sites, and support from my friend Brittany, I am really saving money!

August 27, 2011

Stay safe east coast

I haven't slept in over 36 hours, so please forgive me for an error and grammer, plus I'm ok my phone so I can't really pre-read before i click post. Anywho, we had plans for a few months to drive to Charolette NC this weekend. Now with the crazy weather we had to options, leave jersey asap or stay in jersey. We left asap and made it down without any problems. We took a longer route bc we drove as far as west as possiable then went south. But we r here and this area is so far west that's it's not effected by this hurricane. Strange to say that we are safer in NC than NJ. Ok this random post is longer than I wanted and I can't edit so all I wanted to say was everyone on the east coast is in my prayers and please be safe.

Ps, it took us 11 hours to drive down..Monkey only slept for 2 hours! He didn't fall alseep till after 4am then woke up at 6am!!

August 26, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I
Just to make it a little more fun, I asked my sister to answer a few questions about me. Their answers are in a different color so make things a little more clear.

How would you describe yourself? 
I am a passionate sensitive person who loves to have fun and enjoy a good laugh. I don’t have any problem laughing at myself and talk to myself ALL the time.  It takes a long time for me to open up, I have trust issues, but once I open up your world will change lol.  Once I trust you, you will find me demanding, only because I care and want the best for you that I want you a part of my family.  I have a hard time taking NO as an answer.  My closest friends are my family, and once you are in, you can never leave lol just kidding. 
I asked my sister’s to answer this question about me, her answer: I would say you’re a very hard worker, you like your life organized and you take care of everyone around you.

What do people most often criticize about me?
I felt it wasn’t right to answer this question personally so my sister said some would say you can be a little too organized.

What are your pet peeves?
Two things, first I hate drama.  I know it’s part of our lives and everyone has them but some people make and need drama.  My second pet peeve; I truly don’t judge anybody nor their drama.  I find myself finding close family and friends wanting to be judge, they feel they don’t hold up to my standards, but I have very low standards and that drives me crazy.  I know it’s a crazy pet peeve but it’s mine.  The only thing I want from my family and friends is for them to be in my life if they REALLY want to be. That’s it.  I don’t care about money, status, lifestyle, choices.  Don’t get me wrong I want everyone to be happy but what makes me happy could be something completely different. And I am truly ok with that, that’s the way God made us.  Everybody is on a different path and I embrace that.

What are you passionate about?
Church, family and friends are on the top of the list, if they are not happy I am not happy.  I am also passionate about cooking for my family and friends and taking pictures of them. One of my favorite things to do for fun is just to hang around home (we have a sports bar in the basement) with great company and good food.  Even my friends will call me up and say “I need some lounge time” I will call up the crew and we will eat, share, laugh, and drink. 

I only give my opinions on the things I am passionate about; I go with the flow with everything else. Everything else is just “details” to me, I don’t care about how, when, where, I care about WHO. Therefore I am not controlling actually I rather somebody else make all the decision on all the details.  

What are your priorities?
My priorities might be different than some, church and family come first.  And to keep it that way we have some house rules.  We eat dinner together every night, there is no work or shopping to be done on Sundays, that’s a day for church and family only. We try are best not having to work overtime to pay the bills. Which means to reduce the financial stress in our house and to live under our means we are making it a priority to live a simply life.  My number one priority right now is to raise a well rounded child; I want him to have fun, to love, to learn, and to be sweet.  My second priority is my husband, next is the rest of my family and friends, then the house, finally and defiantly last… work.

What do people most often criticize about you? How do you handle stress and pressure?
These two questions I feel have the same answer if you ask my husband. I like to make lists and I take baby steps with everything. I am not a risk taker, I will to research, plan, and have a backup plan with lots of prayer all over. I don’t like stress, I hate conflict, and the whole thing makes me sick.

What is your greatest weakness and strength?
I have a horrible short term memory when it comes to details and I am a great listener. I feel the two go hand in hand because when someone wants to tell me their problems they really don’t want to talk about it again in the future which is great because I don’t remember all the details.  My one best friend calls me “the vault”; because she tells me everything and I will never bring it up again and never tell another soul.

Another weakness I have is if I trust you I really believe everything you will tell me (my DH hates this) I just don’t know why someone would lie to me.  I see this as a strength because I am never looking for people flaws or holes in their stories.  However I have to trust you firs.  It does take a lot for me to trust someone, without trying I study people’s behaviors and reactions, I am very observant person, I don’t miss a beat. (Fun Fact: When DH and I go out to dinner, we pick a couple and try to find “their” story based on body language) I can pick out a trouble maker/ liar; I have excellent judge of character.  But I never try to change a person, if they want to think the world is flat, let them.  I won’t argue with a person; I’ll nod my head and walk away, to me that’s just details.  Thank the lord that I never ever fell for peer pressure, I know the world is round but I never seem the point in arguing with someone or calling out their lie.  What good would it do? 
My sister said my strength is “Your willingness to help everyone, to work hard for what you want and that you keep your eye on the prize.”  And weakness is “I don't think you take enough time to just go with the flow, you might be missing something you would really enjoy.”

What motivates you? What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?
Another two questions one answer.  My mother always says that I am a very highly motivated person.  I just try to see the big picture and stay on the right track, sure I have taken a few turns but I always get back on that dirt road which leads me to the only thing I want, my family to a happy healthy future. The only goal I see in our future is more children.  I don’t want material things, sure now and then I see something and will be amazed but the next morning I remember what my family needs and don’t need.

What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them? If you know someone is 100% wrong about something how would you handle it? My biggest problem is dealing with other love ones.  I hate conflict but that’s part of life. I’m not a drama girl but I will stand up for myself and for a love one.  I have strong beliefs and values plus I’m from Jersey.  I can have a temper and get a little unrashable (can’t believe this isn’t a word).  However when I get in a disagreement with someone I love, I learned to walk away, pray, then talk about without getting my emotions too involved. 

When was the last time you were angry? What happened?
It’s been a tough month for me lol.  I have been upset with my boss and husband (totally in need for confession) With my boss, it’s about control issue, but I remember myself, it’s just details and it really doesn’t affect my life.  However with my husband, I felt he wasn’t paying attention to me and I felt unappreciated. I was dealing with a lot of emotions (you might have noticed the lack of post in this month) after a few days of prayers and talking to my best friend who always reminds to me see if from another light. I was reminded that men and women are different and that we are still growing as a couple and new parents of an active toddler. I talk to my husband and we are better, still working on the issues but back on the right track.

How do people misjudge you?
I can be very quite not because I am shy but because I don’t want to say something stupid or something I will regret (I have been known to talk before I think).  I don’t talk about people, when someone is gossiping; you can tell I get very unconformable.  I also can’t tell I good story, that’s something my husband hates too.  You may have notice, I don’t complain or like talking about myself, I rather give a Monkey story than anything about me me (I meant to double that on purpose).  But I feel you all should know who I am.