August 29, 2010

Balancing Act

A couple of days before the next month I always pull out the calender and see what fun is stored ahead. Life can get so busy I try to control it a little when it comes to scheduling dates and events.

I always plan 2 dates with my DH; it doesn't have to be out of the house, our best dates are in our basement (my DH made it into a sports bar) with a fancy home cooked meal and music in the back-round. I think it's the best thing for any relationship to spend a few hours a couple times a month just focusing on the two of you, it's my answer on how not to fall out of love.

I try to see my family at least twice a month, I am full believer that it takes a village to raise a child so my family is a big part of shaping Monkey's life. Monkey is a will balance child thanks a little spoiling from the grandparents, extra kisses from his aunt, learning how to get into healthy trouble from his cousins, and somebody else telling him "NO" besides mom and dad.  I would like to start having more family dinners with my and DH parents, we used to do it all the time but the busyness got the better of us and I want it back.

Good Friends are some the best stress revilers that God ever made. I am blessed that my DH and I have the same great friends. I think it is one of the reason why DH and I have such a great relationship is because we laugh with the same friends. So I try to make sure we all get together at least once a month. I also enjoy having a girls time once a month too, the occasions varies from month to month, sometimes it's a bridal/baby shower other times it's to grab a cup of coffee but it's always me getting out of the house. Me getting out of the house is my way for Daddy and Monkey to bond (Monkey is a big momma's boy) and to grow their special relationship

It doesn't sound so hard to plan the next month but when you factor that I try my hardest for us to stay home on Sunday so we can bond as a family and recharge for the upcoming week, it makes the weekends a little tight. I want to add more time with our Godparents and our parents and once Monkey is a little older I want the both of us to start volunteering.  There is always more things I want to do each month but before you know it the month is over and it's time to start planning the next.

How do you balance your life when it comes to family and friends? I am always in the market for new ideas, not everybody loves my method.

My little boy is now a Monkey!

For the past week I have been trying to think of a blog nickname for my little guy and of course it hit me when I wasn't thinking about it. Yesterday we went to the zoo and while watching the monkeys play and climb all over the trees, my little boy was climbing all over me and acting like a monkey. So my little boy is now a Monkey!

August 23, 2010

Christian Children's Fund Changed its Name

Last night I was watching TV and the CCF commercial came on and while I was watching it I noticed the name changed, I normally don’t watch commercial so I don’t know when the changed occurred but the Christian Children’s Fund is now called ChildFund International. My first thought was they are now being p correct and got a little upset at first until I googled it; where I learned even though the CCF was founded by a minister they are not an organization that attempts to teach the children about Christ and how to be a good Christian. I was completely shocked and now understand why they changed their name because it is misleading to many Christians. I wonder how many Christians supported this charity just thinking that the CCF was going to spread the word of the gospel. Of course this is still a great charity that helps over 15 million children and to give is one of the greatest way to show Christ’s love to children.

August 22, 2010

My favorite day is Sunday

I just love Sundays, I wish everday was Sunday. We get to sleep in a little then go to church, afterwards my little boy takes a nice 3 hour nap while I get to read the newspaper and drink a nice cup of coffee. We don't have many rules in my household but one of them is on Sunday we are together as a family and we try to stay home (besides church) and just be together. It is just a little part of heaven in my world.

August 20, 2010


Last week I was bored and googling looking for a random Orthodox Christian convert AND a newly working mom blog but I couldn’t find any. I did find Orthodox Mom blog’s but most are SAH mom and I did find working mom blogs but none were Orthodox. So I figure I would just start my own.

I always had a passion for writing, in fact I used to keep a pray journal when I was young but that got in the wrong hands and some people just don’t like the truth so I stopped. Now I am a little worried that people I know will find this blog and might like what I write but you can’t please everyone. I promise I will not write anything negative nor any gossip about anybody. As much as I love writing I am a horrible speller and terrible at grammar, I apologize now. I also enjoy making up words, for example; Googling. Googling is looking up information on the internet, however, I don’t use I use swagbucks . In the near future I will post some of my made-up words and all the abbreviation that I use.

I guess I should give you a little history on who I am and how I got where I am at. My name is Amanda, I have been married for almost 4 wonderful years and we have a 18 month baby boy. I have lived in Jersey just about my entire life, most of my family and friends live less than 15 minutes away, which is awesome. I was baptized Orthodox 4 years ago and besides marrying my DH, it’s the best decision in my life. I am that girl who loves to sign in the car but turns up the radio because I can’t sign.

What I tend to write on this blog is how I balance faith, family, and friends and share my love for saving money and frugal recipes. I hope that creating this blog I will meet more Orthodox working moms