September 30, 2011

September's Food Bill

I’m not jumping up and down like I was last month but it is what it is; for the entire month of August I spent $443.66 on grocery and saved $181.18 (33%)

Last September I spent $520
Last Month I spent $400
My budget this month was $425 but my goal was $400 (FAILED)
Next month's budget is $425 and goal is $400, this will be my goal until I master it

Daybook: September 30, 2011

Outside my window... bright sunny 71 degrees day

I am thinking... everything but work :)

I am thankful for... it’s Friday and I will be spending my weekend with my friends and family and another round of teaching Monkey to ride his bike!

From Monkey’s lesson... at preschool he did nursery rhymes this week so I will follow their footsteps and work on 3 little pigs this weekend.

In the kitchen... nothing! I didn’t even pull out dinner :( also busy weekend so the kitchen will be closed…YAY…

I am wearing... brown capris and a green shirt with light cardigan and brown wedge sandals

I am creating... next month meal plan, events, and projects

I am going... out for lunch, taking a pray walk and calling my momma

I am wondering… what I will make for dinner, I’m in the mood for some shrimp/pesto/pasta

I am reading... the 19th wife STILL

I am hoping and praying... safe travels for friends that are coming to jersey, my uncle to feel better, matushka Anna on this hard day, one of my close friends lost their father this week, and my husband will not get upset with all the weekend plans.

I am looking forward to… getting out of work

I am hearing... my Pandora radio (janet Jackson station) and trying to block out my co-workers  

Around the house... I need to pull out my fall clothes and clean the fridge this weekend.

One of my favorite things... is hanging outside during this glorious weather we are having for one day this entire week lol

A few plans for the rest of the week: play date tomorrow with Brittany, bowling or movies with my family and lunch with friends after church

September 28, 2011

September 27, 2011

Baby Shower

Here are some pics of the baby shower from this weekend

Here is the room before I started...

and here are the tabels after I was done...

Also did a candy bar since the momma to be couldn't really use a bar :)

September 22, 2011

Who wants to see a messy kitchen?!?

I did another Big batch of cooking this past weekend and look at my mess!
I tape the recipe on the cabinet, this way they are always at eye level

Lots of clutter on Big Cooking day

Clean up time!

Look at all my food!!

September 19, 2011

Close your eyes

And what do you see? I see the inside of my church, it’s around sunset because the stain glass windows look alive and the icons are glowing.  I can smell the incense and feel the warmth of the candles. This is what I see every time I get scared and nervous or happy and sad.  I wish everyone can see what I see, I don’t have a picture of my church’s alter during sunset but this is great view of what heaven looks to me.

September 15, 2011

It's September 15 already!

I think there are some many things going on that I want to reflect where I am at

My Little garden: I have some cucumber. No watermelon. Few green peppers, just waiting for them to turn red. Blueberry season has been over for a few months now. LOTS of basil and parsley!  Some sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavender 

Preschool is getting better and better every day! The mornings are little sad, he still cries but the teacher says he doesn’t cry for more than a minute once I leave.  When we pick him up afterwards he is in a great mood so I think it’s working.

Potty training…. I don’t wanna talk about it lol

Frozen meals are awesome, it’s a great feeling to know dinner is already done, just need to heat it up! Also should note; if you over cook the rice, it will still taste like nasty mush when you remake it.

I am doing a baby “bee” shower for my best friend, all the preparations are coming out really nice but it has taken over my house lol

And I already started some Christmas shopping :)

September 13, 2011

House Rules?

I need momma help, again.  I know every momma goes through this but how to you enforce your house rules at other people’s house? Or do you just not enforce them? I would like to obey the current house rules (wherever I am) plus ours, is that too much to ask?

These are my current house rules for my 2 ½ year old
1) No throwing anything in the house
2) No hitting, biting, kicking, etc
3) No eating anywhere but the kitchen/dining room

Now you see some of these rules aren’t the same for everybody.  Some parents let their kids eat in the living room or play ball in the house.  What do I do?

First time momma looking for advice

September 11, 2011

It's been 10 long years

We all remember that day like it was yesterday, I was at a freshman at college, scared but thankfully not too far away from home.  My prayers to out to the family members who have lost a loved one 10 years ago today.

September 10, 2011

Happy 5 Years!

We have been married for 5 wonder years!! This past year has been the toughest year but with God's love we have made it through the hard times and back on track. 

September 8, 2011

Can you please analyze my dream that I had?

I am one of those people who have a crazy random dream more than once a week and I try to analyze them because I believe my body and mind is trying to tell me something, plus it’s fun :)

Little backround, Tiff has been my best friend since the 4th grade; we are extremely close, still lives around the corner and is expecting her first child in November.

Tiff and I were at tiff’s parent’s house. Construction workers were gonna demolishes it so they told us to get out of the house by 6am but we didn’t set the alarm and oversleep. When we woke up to they were already demolishing the house, so I grab my phone saying I need my pictures, we were crying and scared. We ran downstairs and the whole floor was flooded so we staring to swim then I dropped my phone.  I had to drive down to the basement to get it, when I swam back up tiff was sitting in the living room with her parents (which wasn’t flooded) however the backhoe trucks were still outside tearing down the porch. Tiff yelled at me for getting my phone, but I told her I needed my pictures then she said “didn’t you save all your pics on Kodak” then I said “Oh yea” then I woke up.

I know it makes no sense but that’s my dream, I think it has to do with her pregnancy, maybe something when her water breaks I won’t be there or something. How would you analyze it?

North Carolina

Monkey being silly


and Indians

Pop and monkey on fake horses

Pop in a tee-pee

Thats Monkey driving!

My DH in jail

No momma ever wants to see her baby in jail

First time all by himself

My DH enjoying himself on the boat

My favorite two boys

September 7, 2011

First day of Preschool

Went great! The teacher said he had an awesome first day.  DH picked him up and he was painting with all the other kids.  He ate his whole lunch! However he didn’t nap, but I knew he wouldn’t.  I am so happy, I was a mess all day, couldn’t think about anything else but him.

September 5, 2011

Back from North Carolina

What did we learn from NC
Monkey learned how to ride a bike
It's hot in NC
Everybody is real nice and sweet
Nobody is in a rush
Monkey loves trains and boats
We have no problem eating out everyday
We need a GPS (thankfully a friend lent us one)
Only stop for gas and food if you SEE the gas station and restaurant
Monkey does not sleep in the car, on the way back he only slept for 20 minutes out of the 11 hour drive
We had a great time in NC
Last.. we to get away more often!!

September 2, 2011

It's over

So that's it, summer is over.  I hope everyone had a great summer; it's been a crazy year so I am prayer for a calm peaceful fall.

I am looking forward to some apple picking, hayrides, pumpkins, jumping in the leaves, and let's not forget about the soups!

What do you like to do in the fall?

September 1, 2011

September’s Menu

I am happy they way this has turned out! Yes I will still have to cook 12 nights out of the month, but those are really easy dinners or family gatherings on the weekends.

Freezer Meal (9 meals)
1 Pulled Pork (made from double batch in August)
2 Chicken Pot Pies
1 Black Bean Enchiladas (made from double batch in August)
2 Crunchy Pork Chops
1 Mexican Chicken casseroles
1 Ham and Leek Pie
1 Meatloaf

From Scratch (12)
Grilled tomato pizza
Crowd Feeder- Ham (free from Easter!) (remake & freeze leftover)
Corn Flack Chicken (remake leftovers)
Pasta Primavera
Chicago Hot Dogs
Pan Fried Fish
Crowd Feeder- Taco Buffet
Black bean nachos
Crowd Feeder- Cabbage Rolls (freeze leftovers)
Sausage and peppers sandwiches
Pile high Fish Sandwiches
Potato Leek Soup (make double to freeze)

Re-Make (2)
Chicken wrap
Split Pea Soup

Side Dishes (17)
4 FM- Mash potatoes
3 FM- Rice and Beans
2 FM- Veggie Bean Casseroles
2 Broccoli and Cheese (freeze leftovers)
1 Penne and Vodka
2 Sweet Potato Fries (from bag)
1 Noodles and Gravy
2 Cesear Salads

4 Biscuits
1 Corn Bread

Plus 23 fresh/frozen vegetables

FM-Peanut butter cookies (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
FM-Brownies (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
Baked Fresh- Apple Pie
Baked Pears

FM-Zucchini bread (wrapped into portion size, to enjoy all month long)
Cheese strings
Fruit:Frozen/Canned/Dried Fruit

Weekend Lunch
Chicken Salad Sandwich
BTL Sandwich
Egg Sandwich

Saturday Breakfast
Apple Pie Pancakes (oh yea baby)
Eggs, bacon, and toast

Eat Out/Order In (7)
Vacation, anniversary, baby’s a good month